Post Reply What does someone do when a former buddy won't get the point?
Posted 4/3/16
Title. Essentially, someone I know has a former buddy that they wish to have no more contact with and have removed and blocked this person. This person will not remove the person I know from their top friends and keeps trying to readd them, when they were removed for stalking and sexual harassment. Could this person be reported?
Posted 4/3/16 , edited 4/3/16
That sounds pretty messed up and I've been wondering this myself. The only way I know to not get adds from someone is to just.. let them be there, pending. But then they're still.. there, when you don't want them to be.

It's silly that you can't seem completely block someone from contacting you.
Posted 4/3/16
I always wondered why they got rid of the block feature.
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Posted 4/3/16

ILoveTatsumiOga1991 wrote:
Could this person be reported?

Yes, you can report them. If it seems to be an isolated case then mods will likely recommend blocking PMs and leaving the buddy request pending, but sometimes we also remind the other person that harassing someone by repeatedly sending buddy requests is not appropriate. If there have been other reports against the same user, then additional action is likely to be taken.

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