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Posted 4/3/16 , edited 4/20/16
I am sure this has most likely been brought up multiple times, but I could not locate it within the forums. I would love to see and actual queue for manga. I was very surprised when I first started using the manga reader to discover there was not an option to track or add manga. Even just a history tab would help tremendously I enjoy reading manga on CR and like the new beta reader. If we just had a queue, the experience would be so much smoother and convenient.
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Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/20/16
Looking through the forums I've found a few places where people ask for a queue feature. You can count my name as being in the hat too! Knowing which manga I'm tracking, which have been updated, and keeping a bookmark of where I left off would be amazingly handy.

For quick reference of previous requests, here are a few of them:
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Posted 20 days ago , edited 20 days ago
I was just about to ask about this but thought I was just being dumb. and there was a way to bookmark them already. If there could be a manga queue, or at least somewhere to have a personal list for users, that would be really useful...
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