Naruto: the last naruto movie *spoilers*
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Thats right, even though this movie takes place many years later almost nothing has changed.
Naruto may be popular & a hero but he hasnt become hokage yet nor has he hooked up with love. Instead
Kakashi is the leader & NOT naruto... wow way to too fuck with the main character who saved the village idk more then once. And you mean to tell me hinata still hasent confessed after all these years? Since they were kids both were picked on. Narutos scarf which is a big deal through out the movie is ruined so hinata decides to make a new one but the dumb bitch waits only 50 years to do it. Are fucking kidding me? So some asshole from the moon thinks he can take her & not once does naruto try to defend her at all, no "hands off my girl" nothing, by the time he realizes it & goes after her she fucks him over & leaves him. Omg so now they have to rescue her.
Btw she is too shy to give it too him and hes seen with a green scarf
Naruto becomes dbz all of a sudden too with characters blasting fireballs just like in dbz
also flashbacks... No big surprise.
And thats pretty much it. Watch it for yourself but as you know this it
The series is in filler hell. I supposed you can stick to the manga but im to lazy. Maybe in 2017 they will get back to the main plot but it may be not till 2020 till naruro climbs out of the deep hole it dugged.
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