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Posted 6/1/16
as amazing as the concert was, someone messed it up big time, instead of getting in at 6pm we had to wait until 7pm for q and a then the concert was suppose to start at 8 but from 8pm to 9:30pm we watched a video on a screen for an hour and 30 minutes... so the concert didn't start until very late. go to do a "meet and greet" (was a vip) but then since they were running late they made us rush to get a single picture and hurried us and booted us out the door... i wasn't to happy with them screwing us over like that... instead of meet and greet they should of said a picture taken and pushed out the door. i traveled a very far way and spent a huge chunk of change and i felt ripped off. happy i got to see her thats for sure but when promising something don't take that away from the fans.
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