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Posted 6/28/16 , edited 6/29/16

Name: Everdean Hiragi (she gets everyone to call her Eve for short)

Age: 236 (explained in bio and Eternal flame ability)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight (will act uninterested) (explained in bio)

Eternal Flame Colour: Magenta.

Eternal Flame Ability ( can only have one ): gives immortality to Everdean.

Skills: boxing, kick boxing, swordsmanship, marksmanship, dancing, singing, cooking, running, jumping, parkour, strategist, pianist, violinist, experimental builder, reading, dodging, blocking, swimming, tracking, PHD in both psychology and medical school.

Likes: reading books, messing around with her experimental tech, helping out other flame users, giving advice to those who need it, being with her small group of friends, remembering her friends who have lived their lives and passed on, kind people, caring people, protective people, being treated with kindness and respect.

Dislikes: rude people, unkind people, disrespectful people, bullies, hunters, being interrupted while she's reading or messing around with her tech, being treated with disrespect and cruelty.

History: Everdean Hiragi or Eve for short is a woman of 236 though she looks to be the age of a 14 year old girl, that is to say that was when her flame awakened after she watched her house go up in flames and her mother, little brother and little sister were trapped inside, she had been out of the house and when she saw her house on fire and heard the last screams of pain from her little sister, little brother and her mother her heart broke and her flame awakened.

A month later she was approached by the police after one of the police officers had taken Eve in herself, when the officers told her about what had happened it had been revealed that her drunkard of a father had gotten more drunk than he had ever done so before and had set the house on fire while locking the rest of the family in the house. When Eve heard this she was first engulfed with rage and an urge to make her father pay for what he had done.

But she then regained herself and shook her head simply accepting what her father had done; so Everdean continued to live her life though now she lived with the police officer who had taken her in and after time things had gotten back to normal. That was until Everdean noticed something was off as the years passed, she never grew any taller, her sizes never changed, her body didn't change at all, concerned she confronted many doctors about it.

The Doctors however couldn't give any answers to Everdean, just like her they had no idea what was happening to her. When Everdean finally figured out why she no longer aged or changed at all it was to late, her friends and her guardian were long gone, they had either died of old age, accidents or suicide. Now Everdean is the age of 236 and keeps everyone except a small group of friends at arms length, as she is to scared to get attached to anyone in the way of a lovers relationship because she knows that she'll just outlive them because of her flame.
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