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F / Gensokyo
Posted 4/5/16
Hello! Names Callisto, if you couldn't tell I'm a huge fan of Phoenix Wright and thats what actually brought me back to Crunchyroll! I intend to stay on after my free trial as a Premium member to get the most out of the site! I haven't seen most of the stuff on here though so any recommendations are appreciated!

Things I have watched/love: Phoenix Wright, Nozaki-kun, 11 Eyes, Space Brothers, Nichijou, Attack on Titan, No Game No Life, Btooom!, Shugo Chara, Natsume Yujin-cho and others.

Apart from anime, I work full time, sleep most of the rest of that time, and play Final Fantasy XIV, Phoenix Wright and Touhou. I also draw, exercise and love going for walks. Nice to meet everyone!
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20 / M / Fukang, Xinjiang,...
Posted 4/5/16
Hello, that's cool, welcome aboard I guess!

From the UK, currently living in China for a year and working as an English Teacher. Back home by the start of August
In the far north-west province of Xinjiang, so internet speeds don't even allow for 360p streaming unless it's a very good day, so I haven't really watched anything lately...

In any case, I also work and sleep. I'd like to play FF XIV once I'm back home ;P

Nice to meet ya, feel free to chat any time!
Posted 4/5/16
Welcome back. Enjoy your stay.
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23 / M
Posted 4/5/16 , edited 4/5/16
Nice to meet you!
Absolutely loved NGNL, Nichijou, Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun and Natsume Yuujinchou.

In my opinion, CR has been completely worth it for me thus far. They have a pretty sizable selection of series, and it's pretty cheap, too. Although, I am kind of running out of stuff to watch having watched the couple hundred series that they offer that interested me haha.

Depending on what genres you're into, I'd be down to swap recommendations for series or just chat about anime anytime, so feel free to hit me up whenever if you wanna. Later.
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