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"Hey Elaine."
"How're you doing?"
"The food, has it improved in any way?"
"How are the employees treating you lately? Any of them fun this time around?"
"My day was pretty boring. I'm having problems keeping up with friends. Er, does make any sense to you?"
"..." Elaine turned her head away from Allen.
"Yup, you're right Elaine..."

Allen on the other hand, sighed in her hopelessness and clasped her hands around her sister's left hand.
If only I could heal this kind of pain with my powers... Allen thought, as she glanced at her clasped hand. This very thought, had been constantly recycled in her mind. Constant wishful thinking on her part since the incident.
"..." Elaine had an indifferent look her in eyes. She made no attempts to even look at Allen. Her eyes shifted to the white ceiling.

(Lol pay no attention to this post. I'm just playing around with my Allen character. Will edit this post whenever I feel like it.)

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