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"Everything wrong with kamen rider"

I really want to share my thoughts on this popular show, crunchyroll seems alright since it has ultraman
I tried looking into making a account on henshin justice unlimted & tokunation but two huge problems.
The final questions were extremely dumb. Like name a country of the same domain name...
Or name the cast & crew or admins of the show, HJU radio, etc. ugh i really dont know... -__-
Usually it gives you secret questions such as: name of your school, mother, pet. Favorite thing.
Nope! Not for these sites. Not feeling like a vlog. So this will have to do.

So the most dumbest & annoying things in kamen rider.

KR: Drive
Im still watching it btw

So far i really hate go/mach. This character is such a dork & makes everything a completion when he firsts shows up
I hate the voice actor for hes belt. While it may not be the screamer ear rape it still bleck. Its bloody cancer
Worse. They take the badass anti rider and give him a mach belt. Omg why *facepalm*
I dont like the police chief at all

Brain has a toilet bowel for a head >_>

Even the main rider is a dork. Good god wtf. This idiot pulls on hes stupid tie & all of a sudden hes feeling good to do hes job. Worse he even goes down a gear later.
And hes forms. Oh get this. He needs to be cool to use one. Calm for another
And other emotions. wow :/

KR: Gaim
Our main rider acts the same as another. He is so thick headed and doesnt understand that evil monsters will always be evil monsters till 40 episodes after -.-

I really dont like the nut armor lock seeds

The kage one is nice

Knuckle man & puny wimpy hammer man both suck
You call that a hammer? Ha get lost boy. You couldnt even harm a fly with that kids toy
Google yourself what a REAL hammer should be

The french dude never explains why he hates the main character

Peach arms has a crappy change sound

No cherry jinba arms

Banana arms had the cooler henshin sound but orange had the better balenced armor
Orange change sound is dumb

Too many gold fruits used by too many people. This was supposed to be special and they ruined it

The stupid soccer episode & movie

The damn bait & switch of fresh orange arms specail

All of the energy lockseed riders had the same bow

The dancing is stupid

If the inves can break out of the ring? Whats stopping them?
Oh if the human user drops the lock they go wild only then? -_-

They dont seem to care to eat the fruit right next to them. Your in a whole world with fruit

I didnt like the cherry arms with hes crown. Hes inward bubble hood & white suit

1000's of other fruit they didnt use.

I really dont like gaims uneven head crest. Looks dumb
This idiot holds hes sword like a baseball bat.

KR: Wizard
Probably the biggest sin this show has & another is a character i hate so much
The one guy who thinks he has magic but is just being used. Has the dumbest magic words
Stupid clown spotty pants. Like dude wtf are you wearing

Next the tranny donut lady... And plays a part in the hyper battle dvd

Our hero never wants to try any other of the ladys donuts

Beast pretty much nothing through out the show
Least action

Wizards belt was going to be annoying but i grew over it

Im dissapointed wizard didnt get a movie suit. On several facebook fan pages that spoil everything theirs was this really nice final form gold & gems for wizard. Sadly it was only fan made

Next biggest sin are the mages. Worst supporting sidekick riders by far.

There was a episode that was dropped. It was about a guy & hes bird but we never saw the outcome.

KR: Fourze
Oh how i hate the guy who becomes the rider in this season
It couldnt be the other guy cause he is the moon child or someshit. WTF

Instead we get this happy goody two shoes dork who thinks the world is sunshine & lolipops hoping to be everyones friend. Aww aint that sweet? No cause anyone in the real world knows not everyone gets along.
And it works. Bullshit

So how is our new hero? A total dork, this idiot raises hes hands in the air, screaming & moves hes body in a jumping postion. I just wanna kick this fool... -.-
Hes fusion states in the movie is weird
Several of hes powers are stupid & worse is how this idiot uses the power of friendship -.-

Good season but wow
First den's train old fart with a eatting disorder now a guy fixed on birthdays

Dr maki who had traits from angelica pickles who has the same stupid doll

In the opening & show our hero is dirt poor. So dirt poor he carties money in hes boxers & uses them as a flag... Wat!?

The armor forms are really good.

Except for birthday. I hate this guy. Possible lier
Hes greedy as can be yet doesnt turn into a monster -.-
Somehow got injured and wants to medals for hes own needs or w/e
This guy is a jerk
He comes out of no where. Just a guy off the street who was hired.
The first guy with hes partners with the vendor bikes, is he birth? Nope
Instead a random dude.

The medals. Silver & colored ones
One are like a soul & the other like food or blood for the monsters
The more they have of thier personal medals they get stronger
So how does this work for ooo's? He is forever stuck with 3 as hes limit
Could he ever go 100% animal i wonder?

I hated the annoying bitch who could never leave the guy alone
Very much like jade & gramps from jackie chan adventures. Treating the hero like shit
Fucking bastards.

Claydoll was stupid

The egg & chicken bowl was stupid

We were teased with a accel w form but wouldnt happen cause the guy was stubborn
The theme for w is the gaia memorys where each one had its own power based on the name
Imagine the possibles with these kinds of powers.

Skull is nonexistent :/

Sorry i dont have much for those two. Its been a long time

KR: Den-o
Possibly the longest running season & the most movies
I watched it but thinking about it. It sucks
The rider isnt a true rider, not when he relies on hes demon buddies
Pretty much the only rider that could switch to hes other forms with a press of a button
But waits for a demon buddy & they all fight for hes body
We have the train that can travel through time. The conductor who is very unimportant who is addicted to rice & flame
This wack job even gets a huge luggage full of silverwere -.-
A lady who servers coffee but literaly looks like candy or actual shit/poop
No explaionation of the green rider & why he is very limited to using hes powers
Screw this season

KR: Kabuto
I think ill stop here
Oh god this guy. This jerk named tendou shuji is the biggest gary stu ever
Her mr im so much better then you, did your grandma ever tell you not to be such a asshole & be a show off?
No? Then whats your problem? Your nice to some strange girl but a total overpowered dick to everyone else

No hyper gatack in the series

As cool as dark kabuto is. He is so random

And the biggest sins are
Who is shocker? Well the only answer is watch the first kamen rider i supposed
Cause he is a no show. Through out several seasons he is a no show. He has hes army
We hear about him but never see him. Is it apolo gheist? The gold head guy? Nope
I tried googling him & so far i find is some dude in drags & a pokemon for a head.
Conclusion. Hes a wimp. A lame villain

The NOT so hyper battle dvd
Just what does hyper even mean? When i think hyper i think the size of something or how much power something makes
Not what this filler side content uses it for. Nope
Thats all it is & they are crap
There are only a few good ones

Blade had a good one. Evil blade shows up. Good blade destroys him with king & jack form

Kabuto with hyper gatack
Both are good but ignore the first half

Wizard had a neat one were wizard & beast shared powers

Fourze & ooo's tried out different medals/switches

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Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/16/16
I don't get much of what you're talking about because I find all Heisei Kamen Rider series unbearable to watch. Did see a bit of the vampire one (Kiva, was it?) but dropped it after a few episodes.

Kamen Rider Black (plus RX) is the best of the Showa Riders I've seen.
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