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Posted 6/21/16

KisaiGate wrote:

gornotck wrote:

It was still sort of grindy in 1.0, but I think it was less obvious until Yoshida started taking over. Well, except for the sporadic EXP gain thing, which was sort of weird, but I only got to play a couple months back toward the end of the year it released, then picked it up again in 2.0 when it went ARR and began the long, fast decline into grinding the same dungeons and raids over and over while all the players tended to be hostile toward you while you were doing them.

It was sorta grindy, but for some reason, exp parties were still rather fun at launch 1.0. I even mained Archer the first time and I didn't mind the sporadic exp thing, though I found it really strange. Massive leve parties were a blast when they upped the bonus for leve sharing, and Coerthas raptor parties post 40 allowed me to meet many awesome people.

Heh, I even remember one time when a bunch of friends from the linkshell I lead formed a party when all of our names started with A, we added three people, and they started asking us if it was a linkshell for A people. I hardly ever got to have experiences like that in 2.0, prolly part of the reason why I dont think too highly of it, it basically took the frontiersman elements out of the game, even when it was still freshly launched, by making everything gear and exp worthy instanced, instead of a proper balance.

That's why I am sort of seething with rage at Yoshida and everyone saying he "saved" Final Fantasy XIV. Parties in ARR just weren't enjoyable overall. You had to run dungeons basically to do anything, including the crafting options, even with what field gathering there was. Both DoH and DoL players were kind of made to feel like they were doing it wrong, and that they just weren't worth as much as people playing the Real Game of combat and EXTREME dungeon grinding. Plus, Yoshida decided people just wouldn't understand, or would find too complex, things like an elemental wheel. It was basically four or eight people flailing about, mashing as many buttons as possible, while trying to avoid circles on the ground (which did not keep up with latency).
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Posted 6/21/16
Sorry, I'm playing a pretty cool one piece browser game called Ultimate War. It's very interesting, too! You can have a try:
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