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Posted 4/6/16 , edited 4/7/16

FLOOR 1 - 5

Yasei (HP Potion x1, Revival Potion x1*), Kumero (Mana Potion x1, HP Potion x2), Hebula (HP Potion x2, Mana Potion x2), Fevails (Mana Potion x2, New Skill Slot**), Irios (New Skill Slot**, HP Potion x1), Gargoni (HP Potion x1, Mana Potion x2), Jesias (Mana Potion x2, Revival Potion x2**), Boreilles (Leveliser***, New Skill Slot*), Gergi (Revival Potion x2**, Mana Potion x2), Herims (HP Potion x5*, HP Potion x2), Zerlais (Mana Potion x5*, Mana Potion x2), Gummois (HP Potion x5*, Mana Potion x5*, Revival Potion x3**), Grisindal (HP Potion x4), Trefods (HP Potion x2, Mana Potion x3), Hegrins (Mana Potion x4, HP Potion x4), Verdase (HP Potion x5, Mana Potion x5), Hrefinds (Revival Potion x1, New Skill Lot*), Jerhans (New Skill Slot*, HP Potion x10**), Kermanis (Mana Potion x10*, HP Potion x10*), Maeni (Revival Potion x2**, Leveliser x3**)

* All items marked with a '*' are rare, and are given every 1/5 times. So when you rp, make it seem as if your character is just lucky to get it if it's straight off the bat. Otherwise, make it hard to obtain xD
** All items marked with a '**' are SUPER RARE, meaning they are pretty difficult to obtain, so they are usually obtained 1/30 times.
*** This is only for the Leveliser, which raises your level by 1 by drinking this. It has a 1/90 chance of being dropped though.

Aragoth III (Double Leveliser, Double HP Potion x3), Regesay (New Skill Slot x2, Double Mana Potion x3), Feyneire II (New Skill Slot x3, Double Leveliser), Zverinsae (Double Leveliser, New weapon of choice), Isaenreille IV (Double HP Potion x2, Double Man Potion x2, New Skill Slot)

* All items dropped by bosses are considered MEGA RARE, and cannot be obtained anywhere else.
** Also, if you want to defeat a boss, you need to be at least the same level as the boss, or one level lower to completely defeat it.
*** Normally HP and Mana Potions only heal up to half your health, but with the bosses, it heals your full health. Hence the "Double Mana/HP Potion" title. Same with Double Levelisers, but Double Levelisers level you up by 2 levels instead of 1.
**** When you get the "New weapon of choice", simply say which weapon you'd like to have.

This basically means how much EXP you need to level up. Every time you level up, your HP and Mana bars go up by 2.

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