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Post Reply Queue won't load on xbox one
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Posted 7/19/16 , edited 7/19/16

eyeofpain wrote:

MagicZombie wrote:

Hella adorable picture/gif you have and I have tried this. The problem has been going on for about a week and a half now. I uninstalled and reinstalled. My xbox is set to turn off completely so no chance its just laggy internet from being up all the time. Ive signed out/in and ive even tried taking a few things off the queue.

Any idea what else i could try?

And as soon as i made this post i tried once more and my queue loaded up within just a few seconds of me clicking on it. Not sure whats up with it. Thanks though.

If you have an extremely large number of items in your queue (over 50), or there's an item in your queue with a broken thumbnail (look for anything with just a white box, and remove it via the website) can affect the app's ability to load correctly.

Removing the anime with the broken thumbnail worked for me. Thanks!
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Posted 7/24/16 , edited 7/24/16
My queue is showing again. Crunchyroll people told me it was a version problem. I waited a few days, deleted the xbox app and installed again, and now it works fine.
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Posted 7/26/16 , edited 7/27/16
What if you don't have a broken thumbnail in your queue? I've had a huge queue for awhile and I've been using the uninstall reinstall trick. What changed in the past 2 weeks?
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