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Posted 4/7/16
When our main protagonist "Re-sets" for the first time, I was thinking about how I Might have realized that I had travelled back in time, and doing so I would have changed the future somehow. Maybe stalk the Shop till I saw my attacker or have hooked up with Satala and headed strait to the shop and wait to ambush Felt.

What would You do to change the future after the first "Re-set"?
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Posted 4/8/16
I would have probably noticed that I had headed back in time. Ya know, since I died. I would probably walk the same path so I can meet up with Satala, and then rush with her to the old man's shop, and once we're there we wait for Felt, warn her about the "buyer" and sell my phone to get the medalion.

That OR, I would just do everything the same as the MC during his 1st Revive, but not tell the other buyer who I'm giving it to.
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Posted 4/9/16
If we take Subaru's reaction to the reset, it seems like the trauma of what happened didn't quite register to him, like it took a while for his brain to catch up to what exactly happened. Either that, or Subaru's really dumb.
I'm personally more inclined to think that Subaru's dumb, nowhere near on the level of Satoru from Erased. I would have, however, asked if Satella was chasing Felt. Also, I would have set up some kind of ambush in the alley knowing that the thieves would show up and steal the leader's weapon, so at least I'd be armed with something.
Also, after having BEEN killed once myself, after explaining the situation to Felt and the giant that the buyer couldn't be trusted, I'd again set up some kind of ambush for the woman with them. Being thieves, I doubt they'd have any problems with helping to kill the buyer since the additional payment for their assistance would be whatever she would have given Felt for the job. Characters in anime are notorious for walking into traps, and the woman didn't seem to possess any kind of sixth sense to know complete strangers would be waiting to kill her as soon as she opened the door. Being rushed by all of them at once instead of one at a time like idiots AND taken by surprise, she'd go down.
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