Post Reply Do you think oversaturation of publishers will encourage more piracy in the U.S. market?
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Posted 4/9/16 , edited 4/9/16
You know, I enjoy being a legal streamer and have been with Crunchyroll and Funimation since 2007-2008, and it used to be easy having access to every single show. Now we have

Funimation (Best)
Crunchyroll (Great)
Hulu (Get a better subscription model)
Netflix (Why you do this?)
Daisuki (Completely free)
Amazon (I didn't see this coming
Aniplex (Shit ass company)

Talk about cornering the market in the United States. Spreading shows between companies is only gonna encourage more people to pirate. Hell I am thinking about it. I can't fucking afford subscriptions to everything.

Thats just my opinion though. What do you think about all these companies coming out of the woodworks to take a slice out of the anime pie that Funimation and Crunchyroll have worked so hard for over the years?

*Poll is based on full HD quality with limited or no commercials. Some are free, but with lower SD quality and with lots of commercials.
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Posted 4/9/16
Funimation alone encourages piracy for me. At least until they sort out their website and stop making it so only Americans can watch their shit. (Also they need to make it so I can't see the stuff I can't watch like Crunchyroll does.)
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Posted 4/9/16
virtually every service you listed - other than Amazon and Netflix - offer anime for free (with ads)
piracy is encouraged not because of many such services, but rather because some series simply are not offered and costs hundreds/thousands of dollars just to buy and watch.
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