Should I Buy A Motorcycle
Posted 4/9/16 , edited 4/9/16
I watched that anime Bakuon!! and now I want a motorcycle. I've never ridden a motorcycle before though. Yes, no?
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Posted 4/9/16
suzuki tu250 is a nice old school starter bike bike
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Posted 4/9/16
wear a helmet pls
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Posted 4/9/16
Posted 4/9/16
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Posted 4/9/16
Why not. Just be prepared to be hit by cars with great enthusiasm.
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Posted 4/9/16
you can buy whatever the heck you please
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New york.
Posted 4/9/16
Nearly every dude I know who bought a bike, has at one point or another tried to sell their bike.

At first it's awesome. Feeling the wind, looking bad ass, riding from place to place. Then eventually the appeal wears out. You realize that you spent $$$$ on something that just takes you from work, to school, then home.

That's only if you don't put effort into touring.

If you schedule events for you, & your bike-- it could be a worthwhile buy. Exploring the open roads, or even the little parts of your city could feel great.

Another thing to consider is the money that would go into it.

Money for lessons.

Money for your license.

Money your helmet, gloves, jacket, insurance, etc~

Bikes themselves are pretty pricey.

Thieves know this too.

If you don't put the right amount of cash into protecting your bike, it could be snatched while you sleep.

Sure, you could get a cheap bike. Yet cheap bikes are almost never worth it. Unless you get it from a family member who you know wouldn't screw you over, it's usually best to just buy it from a dealership.

In the end, a bike can be a big hassle to own. Yet if you're willing to put the time, money, & effort into owning one-- it could be ok.

Personally, I'd start with a moped. Vespas are cool.
Posted 4/10/16 , edited 4/10/16
If you want a bike, you may as well get an automatic scooter. They are cheap and easy to learn.
The only kind of riding I recommend is in the city where the traffic is slow and the parking is stupid tight.
everywhere else, cars are better.
More control in the rain, more carrying capacity, Larger fuel tank, easier to see by other cars and safer during a crash.
I don't live in a city so I gave up my rider license.
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Posted 4/12/16
Do some research on it first and decide if you're a motorcycle person. I have plans to get one but I've done a lot of research on if I really want one so I don't waste the money. If you really want one then go for it, they can be a ton of fun but if it's just a 'I saw it in an anime and want it' phase, then wait because you may not actually want one, just think it's cool cause of the anime.
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Posted 5/2/16
If I were you, I would take some lessons and find out if you like it or not. I just took lessons and thought it was really fun, but my teachers did warn my class that some people sit on a bike for the first time and realize it's not their thing.
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Posted 5/27/16
op nuked. locked.
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