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What is a great romance anime for someone that doesn't watch anime ?
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Posted 4/14/16
I just watched Toradora! recently and loved it. I'm not big into the Romance genre either.
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Posted 4/19/16
A webcomic may be a little more accessible. The chapters are smaller and if subtitles are involved, then she'd be reading anyway. Plus, there is no problem with subtitles rushing by too quick- which can happen sometimes due to the massive difference in Japanese-English sentence structure. The second half of a sentence gets clipped from time to time. There is an ongoing comic on Line WebToon called Siren's Lament that even has its own OST. A fan of the author's previous work volunteered, and he does an amazing job every week. I also immensely enjoyed Orange Marmalade and am reading Untouchable. The last two are Korean and about vampires. Remember, most (half?) come from comics/manga (or visual novels), so you should at least try comics after.

If you just want to stick with anime, I can't recommend Ouran Host Club and Fruits Basket enough, although I heard the latter was actually a disservice to the manga.

From what I remember, Tenchi Muyo is a harem filled with fanservice, so I doubt you'd want to start there.

I didn't like "Say I Love You," though. The male lead is a cad and comes off as a creep (to me, at least), so I dropped it a few episodes in.

I did watch the first season of Snow White with the Red Hair, and loved it. The show lacks a bit in overall plot,but the romance is very well written. The two leads have their own lives and goals, and don't just get subsumed by the other- they are complete characters that are simply better together than alone.

Yona of the Dawn isn't a romance, but is a great shoujo. Well, the male lead is crazy in love with Yona, but she appears oblivious to his feelings by the end (of the anime). She's too focused on completing her quest and taking revenge on her cousin (that she did crush on) for killing her father/stealing her throne.

Romance isn't normally my genre, so haven't watched many of the ones even on CR. Bug those are just the ones I've stumbled across.
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Posted 1/1/18
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