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Posted 4/12/16 , edited 4/12/16
Well if I were able to change deathnote at my whim I would rearrange the order of the seasons, I would start off as light finding the deathnote and learning all about shinigami, etc. As light is one of the country's brightest teens he is extremely smart but him having the power to easily kill whoever he wants, he decides that he'll use this power for a greater good and kill those he deems are true criminals, this is when he starts to be pursued by the worlds greatest detective, L. While at this time he is conflicted within his mind, continuously left wondering if his killings are justified at all and with the constant stress felt from the greatest detective chasing him, he is pushed to use the deathnote to save himself by killing innocent people who are jus doing their duty. This cause light to snap, he dosent matter whether what he is doing is right or wrong anymore, he jus wants to be free to do what he believes he is destined to do which is cleanse the world of all that is evil, so he obsessed over killing the only person that stands in his way, L. So he dedicates everything he has to set up the deadliest game of cat and mouse, light finds a way to get on L's personal taskforce and after a series of events finds out L's real name, only it isn't jus one person it is two kids, find out what happens in season 2 in the next post
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