Algebra studying suggestions
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So... I've been struggling with algebra...

Before I mentioned I had trouble with biology few months back but I got that worked out and its going all well.

However... I'm horrid at algebra.

Currently on Quadratic Equations to be specific... Any way of studying that'll help me learn this?

Because I've been trying my best to wrap my head around this concept but it doesn't seem to stick...

Sorry if this thread makes me look like an idiot but I really need the help
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Look up for algebra tutorial videos on Youtube, that'll solve most of your problems.
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SylveonLuna wrote:

The YouTube suggestion by Sephigi is a good one. Here's a YouTube search for Quadratic Equations:

- Tons of good stuff there.

There's also this from Khan Academy:


In this tutorial you will learn about the most basic way of solving quadratic equations.

Khan also has an entire section on Algebra that looks helpful:


Hope some of that helps.
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I feel you. Math has always been one of the most difficult subjects I had to study. Different people learn in different styles. Here's info on the 7 styles of learning:

Visual (spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

So for instance, if you are an aural learner, you probably memorized your multiplication tables to music. An aural learner can memorize the quadratic formula by singing it to Pop goes the Weasel:

♫ x equals minus b ♫
plus or minus the square root
of b-squared minus four a c
all over two a"

Try singing it a few times and it will get stuck in your head!
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