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1. First and foremost, respect CR's forum rules. This means NO SEX for all you horny rpers out there. Keep the forums PG-13 as this is an open group and anyone may read it. If you are rping drugs, alcohol, abuse, gore, blood, ect, trigger warn it.
2. Godmodding. Okay. If you godmode, your partner also has the right to godmode. This does not mean godmode! It's unfair and stupid and boring and frustrating. You are not invincible.
3. Your character should react like realism. Please. Someone isn't going to just sigh and walk away if you're groping them. Example, okay?
4. Be respectful to everyone. This includes the mods and creator and other members as well. Please do not track your dirty drama into the group. It's uncalled for and ridiculous. Just have fun already.
5. You must wait to be approved.
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Stellas are children affected with the Stellary Virus. The virus is an alien life form known to have taken out many cities. Those with the virus experience superhuman capabilities and a single power that they can control. No two children have the same power.

Cruxes are refined weaponry with a soul. Basically, they're alive. They lock in mentally with the Stella THEY CHOOSE. No, this does not mean your Crux can be a shota or a loli. A Crux is a weapon, like a sword or bow, just with personification.
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This is the formal name of the academy. However, foreigners can't pronounce it, so it was given the side name "Lenka."

The year system is divided by age, not rank! Younglings, or ages four through eight, are first years. Ages eight through twelve are second years. Ages twelve through fifteen are third years. Ages fifteen through seventeen are fourth years. And ages eighteen through twenty-one are fifth years.

The ranking is determined by how many Festas a student has won. Currently, there are no rankings.

There is a lot to offer at the academy and student's DO NOT have to participate in the festas. They can simply be students and gain a wealthy education here.
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A festa is a battle between two students who fight to prove power and to achieve their dream, desire, or ultimate goal. Festas are often held in the Sky Stadium. You are responsible for tracking your total number of Festas won. Festas will be hosted by the creator or moderators weekly. Battles should be quick, but fascinating.

"How To Win"
Break the other person's badge using either your Crux or your power.

"The Underground"
There is a dark side to the academy city on water. Underneath where the academy lingers, there lies an underground system. They often hold their own festas, but instead of breaking another's badge, its a fight to the death. Only enter if you dare.
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