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π / Train / Railyard
Posted 4/12/16
I recently got into Mario Maker, I didn't have much to do with Nintendo before so I'm almost new to the universe.

I want to play cool levels and learn to make cool levels myself. So share your best. I made a few myself but as you'd expect for someone new, they're not very creative or interesting.

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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 4/12/16
i watch a few people playing mario maker. i found those played by Fate Games to be rather interesting.
some people actually managed to find bugs in the game, and they made levels that should be impossible to complete, but can be completed because of said bugs. typical levels that people make:

>auto-levels (mario completes the level with next to no input from player. often, going through a zig-zag in what seems to be a difficult course, if the player had to play manually (example: barely dodging the obstacle at the last second)

>quiz levels (give player some type of puzzle and require them to solve in order to advance. example: which sound is it / which monster is behind / etc)

>jump levels (self-explanatory)

>puzzle levels (this involves quite some creativity. instead of demanding quick reflexes from the player, make a level where the players actually need to stop and think what they need to do. example: someone made one inspired by ace attorney)

>time levels (make players rush to the goal with the time almost running out)

>parody levels (example: someone made a parody of the 1st super mario bros level)

>boss levels

>troll levels (hidden blocks that make people miss the jump and die, traps everywhere)

>impossible levels, aka levels that make you rage-quit
(pretty much any level played by midna light)

and more.
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