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Notes... for me... Raydar O_O!

Important information and links to other information. Detective stuff basically

Dated and Linked for reference.

Note really laid out for each character. writing it but there will be character in the notes. It'll help me coordinate my ideas from the different character's perspectives.

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Merc info:
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Wynne Sidequest!

"Not unless she agress to the operation aswell" She answeared immediately before taking out a paper. "Name Marie Octavia. Frequently enters the building at 6521 Mill Road Davenport, IA 52804. Always have at least one bodyguard following her." She sighed. "That's all I got at the moment."

Vampire - Marie Octavia.
- weak to. Fire, Garlic, stakes, sunlight. Attacking in Day would be best.
- Superstrong, SuperFast. Heightened Senses. Getting near is a bad idea.

- Nothing on them.

Building at 6521 Mill Road Davenport, IA 52804.
- Scout it out in the day. Don't drink too much. Homeless disguise... might actually be able to drink more.
- At the very least gain knowledge of the area.
- Online searches <-- Dee perhaps. Hopefully he won't ask too many questions.

Frequently enters the building at 6521 Mill Road Davenport, IA 52804. <-- Deals of some kind. A place where a Vampire needs protection. A meeting of two or more parties perhaps. Be best to check the area out first instead of focusing on attacking the vampire... Bum disguise could work. Wynne could drink a bit, could also get beat to fuck too.

Could possibly ask Cecile to check the building out, or check why she hasn't checked it out... Be a bit cheeky and ask Cecile the name of her girlfriend quickly, just in case

From Cecile. From Wynne trying to get help from the syndicate, to help Anima and the lot.
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Andre and Prasert are open for communications.

MysteryGirlXXX can be contacted whenever, or at least an attempt if possible.

Clancy Klenneth
Andre's Ex. Contact ANDRE!!

Though names has been changed, trhough some sketchy forums you track down a two year old article of a woman whose finger was cut off by her husband in a dispute were she asked for a divorce. She and who you track down to be Andre had been involved in a romance at a young age and got married at the first oppertunity (18). Though her current residence can't be found, she seems to frequently visit a nondescript gym east of london.

Monday-Thursday 06.00-21.00
Friday 06.00-19.00
Saturday 09.00-13.00
Sunday 15.00-19.00

finger was cut off Information for revenge possibly? Could use Andre to torture her? Need info from Andre first.

Fernando Ciriaco.
You see his name in a 16 year old article with a picture of a burning school. It also seemed he went to court as a witness against Prasert, the case seemingly failed though the details are a bit fuzzy since language barriers strikes again!

Fernando could of been the one to want Prasert dead. They have time to fake Prasert's death to trap Fernando... or perhaps actually kill Fernando and maybe exchange information.

-Contact Prasert about Fernando.
-Get the whole story from Prasert's side.

Antonis Tryfon
The name directs you to an old membership list of the youth division of the "Golden dawn"-party in greece. You also find his family there whose wretched income level doesn't seem to quite match up with their slightly struggling household.
You also find his name in the leaked list of attendees in the upcoming xenophobic gathering.

Golden Dawn.
-Neo Nazi
-Far right.

Xenophobic gathering.
-Wynne could go... May need a look change, could ask Anima.
-A possible Xenophobic gathering might be worth the Syndicate looking into perhaps.
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Clancy and the Gym plan.

Clancy Kenneth:
-"She really likes to work out... we met at a gym... she has no set schedule though she ussually stays as long as she can. She almost always keeps an AF-1 pistol in her purse."

Anima's Fake ID name:
- Michelle Miller

The look-out:

In order to find out Clancy's timetable, Ray and Nova have been given permission to control a few people to have them watch the place to spot Clancy, when she leaves and when she enters, Perhaps even go in and check the register.

Dee's Sister's Advice:

She took what was given to her and headed back into the room, opening it enough just to slip through. Within a minute she came out with the list, freshly printed. They'd moved the printer into their room for convenience sake. She slipped back out of the room closing the door silently and offered her the list. "The memberships are done. You can collect them at the gym it'll cost £10 plus the £60 per month. It'd be best to get Clancy before or after she comes from the gym. You also should consider calling Andre to see what he remembers about her or if he has any specific information or advice. They last had contact with each other two years ago. So may even still live in the same place. She might not. Worth asking. Same goes for Prasert and Fernando. If we can't contact them for whatever reason. It's best to have a short meeting to gather our information and to check on how Ray, Nova and Wynne are doing. MysteryGirlXXX is quite responsive to messages meaning that we have a someone reliable form of communication with her. She may also trade information or bet it. Dee did that earlier to get the USB updated and for her to confirm Grace's death. However back to what you're planning. It's best to just have you go in disguised, as you've already planned, and maybe have Turk wait outside with Draven in the car. It's best in all three of these situations.

1. Get her on the way. drug her, bring her to the car, drive here or somewhere else you can get information out of her.
2. After gym, the get away is the same.
3. during gym hours, escape is the same.

But first it's best if you go and just find what times she attends. You can do so by checking the front desk, there should be a register of sorts with exit times and entry times. If you find that information immediately it's best to spend an hour or so working out just to avoid suspicion. Understood?"


Ray's night plan: [Confirmed]


"We can get people to be look outs then." He confirmed. "That'll be stage one, right... however if it's dark we can just go in after her, control her and get her to come here or to a set destination... or we could just get her to tell us what she knows... Sneaking in and out the building isn't even the hard part, just having her be alone for maybe even half a minute is more than enough time. Plus we save time having to get the information from her by force."

Two minions watching the exit. civilians.

A homeless in the parking lot.

A family man who plans to spend his time after work, working out at the gym. - Check register for the name Clancy Kenneth. Look for her as you work out. Don't engage just call.

Call if you see Clancy Kenneth, her face or her name.
Woman without a finger.
They have a picture of what she looks like.
Has a pistol in her bag.
Every hour ask to see the front desk register and search for the name Clancy Kenneth.
Do not draw attention to yourself or anyone else.
You will forget who has given you these orders.
You can will memorise the phone number, once you have delete it from your phone.
Delete call or text history, when connected to the number you have memorized.
Text the memorized number, if you find her name or face.
These orders will be at the back of your mind, they will be something you'll think back on, something you'll remember, but they're your thoughts, they are natural thoughts, they are something you are heavily driven to do, especially when you're near this gym.

In progress.


Drugs Anima needs:
"Ah. You dont have to do it tonight but i do have a side task for you both if you dont mind it. I need a drug from the hospital. Think of it as an extreme form of anesthic. Either Butabarbutal, Methohexital,or quinalbarbitone. It would be useful if you could get any of those within the next few days. I'll give you the written list before you go do so."

Andre and Clancy info:
"Fernando. Songkran will start in 4 days, he'll probably wish to be home by then."

They know Wynne's existance. <--If they can't be trusted, Wynne might be a possible target.
They heard Ray and Nova sign out of the call but nothing else.
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Turk notes:

Anima wants Necklace or earrings, no diamond, no rings. Engagement jewellery.
Mother dead due to being killed by the hands of the mercs.
Lost an arm due to the wolfbane's incident and refusing to give information to the syndicate.
Erling and Booker, his demons, his past, his to kill.

Turk, dinner table Talk:

Erling is a lanky some of a bitch

He has a sharp hat,and a leather coat. and waste coat underneath... His shoes made that clapping noise against the floor... or the concrete...

shitty collogne that man used to where the expensive clothes <-- Shitty Collogne, have other find that smell, if he still uses the collogne.

"...Booker, wore smiliar clothes, it was their uniform but now they're working as just them two so maybe they changed or somwthing..."

"Booker, keeps to himself any one too quite or too normal is worth suspecting. Booker's around 5'6. Brown hair, no grey. He's missing part of his left ear."

Doesn't take kindly to condescension or sudpicious behavior. If you get under his skin you have is attention, he'll do whatever he can to hurt you, most likely he'll leave you fine but hurt all those around you."

"Drink, alcohol and good looking woman, just woman in general. Perferably a mix of creatures and humans." <- Referring to Erling.

"Etling, likes to play with his food but works within the contract. He isn't a genius but he isn't a fool. When he goes out he brings Booker him."

"Actually those two always travel together, whether Bookers in plain sight or hiding somewhere."

"Erling likes to be alone when with woman

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Ray notes:

Most of the time wears his marriage ring on his left hand.
Obsessed with finding Nova's secret fetish. wearing glasses is the closed he could get.
100 years of being with Nova.
Thinking of working for Draven.
Secretly wants to ask Dee for fashion and style tips.



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