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Posted 4/14/16
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

1) Do you know your characters well enough?

2) Do your characters have the right names?

3) Do your characters have the ability to change?

4) Do your characters act in a way that reflect either their comfort or discomfort with their setting?

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Posted 4/14/16
I'm actually planning on changing one of my character's names. If I have an issue getting two characters confused in my head, the names are too close together. Not sure what I'll be changing it to, but I'll figure something out.
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Posted 4/14/16
1- Of course. I connect deeply with my characters. I know their entire life within the world. What makes them happy, what makes them sad, what their passion is, what their beliefs are, how they feel, react, their raw emotion, their experiences and how they have grown, what they will try to teach others.

2- Names? its never hard for me, because as soon as I get characters in my mind, I immediately think of a name that fits. Most have just been a personal attachment, and thats why I feel the names fit so well. I dont try to make this process difficult, just feel the flow, never feel stressed about choosing a name, because if you feel stressed by it you will never accept something so simple.

3- depends on what story you are writing, but for my characters, yes.

4- If they didn't then they wouldn't be a great character to begin with, unless you just want some mindless badass who has no diversity and unique personality .
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Posted 4/14/16
1. haven't lifted a finger yet (some trace sketches) may be doing so soon, so as tangible characters, no
2. I'll use one example for the rest. her name's rogue and she calls her sword Richard
3. sadly no. after being attacked and crippled she only thinks about revenge. she's still in nam... in her head
4. the setting is dystopia/post - apocalyptic. no one acts comfortable, everyone has some special kind of loony
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