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Posted 4/14/16
So finally after many years naruto has became hokage. Has hes every hope and dreams met he what he was expecting? Or has the reality hit him on the head? Sadly yes, it has completly backfired on him, keeping him in the office 24/7, leaving him no time for family, yes he has married hinada & has two kids. Due narutos hes new life he is too busy with work, oh but he can make 1000 clones to help everyone else but hes family, it seems this show is trying to complete/rip off others. By that i mean naruto is bad father when compared to goku from dbz who is known not to act as a father too. Thus boruto holds a gruge aginst naruto even though he & sasuske had it worse. But now how have the original characters aged? Well team naruto no longer have the same voice actors, which i find stange & off.
So boruto doesnt have the fox in him, so he relies on some ninja tool by some scientist who hires a guy to watch him but through out the movie it adds up to make him seem like a minor villain but only wants more abilities which only give both boruto & the real villian the advantage. The scientist thinks he can defeat the villian but epicly fails
So its father & son to save the day, & they combine thier rasangan but wait cut the crap, 99% of the giant rasangan is naruto's. Boruto is still in training cause he can only a small weak one and the writers pull something new out thier ass with it still being effective even though the tiny wimpy attempt fades away.
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Posted 5/27/16
Sorry but this whole Boruto thing is...nonsense.
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