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Posted 4/15/16 , edited 4/15/16
as our first post I want to thank those who joined. Our first topic is BIG ORDER.

The new series is about a male who is part of the Order, a group who each got a wish from a girl named Daisy

Here's the description

This is a story that begins after the world ends. One day, a new student transfers to the school attended by the story's protagonist, Hoshimiya Eiji. She's an attractive girl named Kurenai Rin, and Eiji immediately wants to get closer to her. Then, as Eiji is on his way home from school, who should appear behind him but the new student, Rin?! The latest work by Esuno Sakae, the author of Mirai Nikki, is finally getting an anime!

Simulcast on Fridays 12:10pm MDT

So, watch the show and what do you think?
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Posted 4/23/16 , edited 4/23/16
From seeing the first and the second episode and NOT reading the manga i think that the show is kinda poorly made(either that or the translations aren't that good) because he second episode spoiler
and then there was also the awkward scene on the second episode when the guys with the guns were hiding behind the rail, i think around 15:25, i know its an anime but wtf, even if she was trying to miss the shots i have no clue how she didn't hit them, i dont really want to get into the rest because its a anime and hurts my spleen to think about.
All in all it is a interesting anime, i just bitch about the smallest thing in a anime but dont let them impact the score i would get at this second a 7/10 <-- not bad, i'm picky but i dont want to jump the gun so thats not a actual rating in any way, just for the first 2 episodes.
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