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Posted 4/16/16
I may have asked something like this before, but chances are that it's old and been buried.

I may have a few creative ideas but I fail to develop the skills I'd need and I'm kinda blaming stresses of work for it, and some of those ideas are something like animation, that would involve more people but I don't know anyone who'de have enough of an interest, they'd just say "do what you want"

I may be looking for abit more inspiration asking if anyone in the UK has any creative ideas - no stories or characters, just the format you imagine you'd use, and whether you're doing anything to get past the idea stage - who knows you might be able to revive british animation of course that would be with me

I also dumped an idea of a webcartoon with me doing the plot. art and dialogue of 2 characters. quote this line if you'd like to know something specific about it - probe away it's an idea I'm no longer using
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