2016 Anime Recommendations
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Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/16/16
As a...picky, indecisive otaku, it's hard for me to pick new anime (2016) besides CoCO & NiCO, Space Patrol Luluco, and Please Tell Me! Galko-chan. I mostly like sci-fi/fantasy, supernatural, slice-of-life anime - please help me
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Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/16/16
Well I can´t be completely sure if you´re going to like my recommendations, but here are some anime that are very likely you will enjoy given the genres you listed above. These are my recommendations:


Dimension W : The only sci-fi anime I watched last season
Kiznaiver : This one just started airing, it only has 2 episodes but it has a vey interesting premise and it looks like it´s only going to get better.


Ajin : This one is difficult to enjoy if you can´t stand 3D animation in anime, but you´re going to get used to it eventually. The premise is kind of similar to Tokyo Ghoul but in my opinion Ajin has better storytelling and characters.
Twin Star Exorcists : The most recent supernatural anime from this season, it has great action and likeable characters.


Konosuba : It´s a fantasy comedy from last season which was incredibly funny and hilarious, a second season has been confirmed so I highly recommend checking this one out.
Re:Zero : One of this season´s fantasy shows, Re:Zero feels like watching the movie Edge of Tomorrow in a fantasy setting. People love time travelling stories and this is looking to be another hit.

Sorry I can´t recommend any slice of life anime since I´m not a fan of the genre, but I hope that from of the shows I listed you will find somehting to enjoy
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Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/17/16
sci-fi: Gundam Unicorn, Kiznaiver
supernatural/horror: Kagewani

These look interesting but I haven't tried them yet:
Bungou Stray Dogs
Mayoiga (The Lost Village)
Kyoukai no Rinne (Rin-ne)

I would recommend Sailor Moon Crystal but I'm sure you're aware of it and I know some fans of the older series don't care much for it!
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Posted 4/20/16 , edited 4/21/16
Iron Fortress- AOT meets walking Dead

Bungou Stray Dogs

Big Order

Kagewani-Twilight zone meets x-files

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