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Posted 4/16/16 , edited 8/18/16
1) Do not kill another character without permission of the user of that character (you can beat them up just not kill)

2) Be respectful to other members

3) Do not take control of a character that is not yours (not needed but it is still enforced)

4) Have decent text length when responding to a post

5) No quote pyramids only show the post that you are responding to.

6) No god modding, very little tolerance for stuff like that. (not really needed but it is still enforced)

7) Character limit of 4 {God character is not affect by this because of rule 8}

8) 'God' limit of 1

9) Teachers are superior to students (they can harm students but only to detain them if they get violent)

10) M rating
- Romantic relationships (all lovey dovey and stuff)
- Comedic actions (there is always that one klutz *slips* >~<)
- Course Language. (be really, really mean)
- Minor Violence (getting roughed up for some reason D:)
- Heavy Violence and Blood (getting beaten to a near death state)
- Horror.
- Ecchi, Nudity and Sexual References. (pervert!, Leech!, Water flee! *cough* carry on)
- Sexual Violence between characters whether NPC or not.
- Pornographic sex scenes and content. (*coughs up blood* no *dies*)

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