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8 striking parallels between the U.S. and the Roman Empire!
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TheOriginalStraynge wrote:

nukemind wrote:

Well, Major Powers usually stay Major for about 250 years. We are nearing that. I've long said that no matter which side you look, Democrat or Republican, there is no such thing as "Making us Great Again" or "Keeping America Great". We need to be focused on grooming a successor. Looks to be China right now. Simply put, it would be best to take the Britain route of losing World Power status than taking the Rome route.

I agree but also disagree with you. The world has changed a lot lately and I think it's getting to the point that no one wants or needs a superpower anymore. The world is becoming a very connected place and countries just can't take the chance of invading another country since their economics are now directly linked to the success of another country. If we went to war with China their economy would nose dive. Nukes also make such wars nearly a thing of the past. I don't see the need for a successor just a need for more working together. I wouldn't be surprised if power wasn't consolidated and more nations begin to merge until we're just one global community.

Being #1 isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just because we are a superpower does not mean our quality of life is the highest. Sure we're doing better than most countries but if you look at all the polls and survey's on best places to live the US never ranks in the top five. Canada, Sweden, Australia and the Netherlands all usually ranked pretty high compared to us and I'm sure that in Sweden they could care less about being #1. Being happy and successful is more important. Honestly I refuse to think of us as #1 or any other country as #1. Not when we still have homeless people, poor people, so many people in prison, etc. You want to win that title with me then show me that you're the best. Producing more knick knacks doesn't rate on my scale. Taking care of your citizens and working together does. It's a shame that this scale isn't used instead of the bling scale.

When I say number one, I guess I should say the number one power economically and militarily. I get what you are saying. In both Standards of Living and Citizen Happiness other countries beat us, same for Health and Corruption, not to mention Education. Wars thank to Nukes are indeed a thing of the past- at least conventional warfare. Asymettrical and Guerilla warfare will be the ways of the future in my personal belief. This is far more costly for the country with tanks and modern weapons, though for the other side whilst not as costly it is more... costly in lives.

As to the other person- not necessarily. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, and a few others technically have 0, or less than 1% minorities that they conquered, none are empires. As far as we can tell modern Japanese either inbred with natives or were the first people to control the isles, though Hokaiddo (SP?) was taken from the Ainu. Meanwhile America has conquered and forced Native Americans onto reservations. Perhaps I am crazy, I used my professor's and my teacher's from high school's definition of Empire. They did agree that America was an Empire but it is a contentious topic.
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