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30 / F / beside my husband...
Posted 2/10/08
this games goes this way...

1st person state how he/she would date the person above him (places or events doesnt need to be realistic)
2nd person would answer ok, i will go out with you (if he/she would date) or im not available (when he/she hates the idea)
then 2nd person will have to give a choice for the person next to him to answer

example :
1st person - we would date on a hippopotamus mouth

2nd person - i will go out with you
we would date while im giving birth on my 31st daughter

3rd person - im not available
we would date on the moon
( and so on and so forth)

have fun...

p.s. pls try to make it pg-13, be nice folks! wait for 2 posts before making any more posts

ill start :

we would eat ice cream while dating

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28 / F / Cosmotron
Posted 2/10/08
Sure! Right now?

How about we watch the latest bollywood movie?
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