Any good kissing dramas?
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Posted 2/10/08
I REALLY loved Devil Beside you so im wondering if there is ANY other dramas like that?

here is a list of dramas i've watched...


My Girl
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
Full House
Love To Kill
Dangours Love
Finding Lost Time
Lets Go To School Sang-Doo
Unforgettable Love
Nonstop Theif
Taste Sweet Love/Snow White
I'm Sorry I Love You
Tree Of Heaven
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
What's Up Fox?
Fantasy Couple
Love Story in Harvard
Something about 1%
Snow Queen
Wonderful Life
Sweet 18
Which Star Are You From
First Love
The Uninvited Love
Tokyo Holiday
Let's Go To The Beach
18 vs. 29
Thousand Years Of Love
Witch Yoo Hee
Dal Ja's Spring
Bad Family
Autumn Tale
Loving You
Exhibition Of Fireworks
Come Back Soon-Ae
If In Love... Like Them


Devil Beside You
Love Contract
It Started With a Kiss
Smiling Pasta
Hana Kimi
Brother Beat
Marmalade Boy
An Enchanted Life
Why Why Love
It Started with a Kiss
My Lucky Star


Nobuta wo produce
Attention Please
Kimi Wa Petto
Hana Yori Dango 1
Hana Yori Dango 2
[email protected]
Summer Snow
Kisarazu Cat's Eye
Boku dake no Madonna
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru
Long Love Letter
Strawberry On The Shortcake(S.O.S)
Long Vacation
Himitsu no Hanazono
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Cheap Love
A Million Stars Falling From The Sky
Oishii Puropozu
100 Tales of Horror
14Sai No Haha
15 year olds Blues
Beautiful Life
Hana Kimi
Stand Up!


Peach Girl
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Posted 2/10/08
wow you've wactched a lot of dramas xD
have you seen coffee prince ? it's pretty good and there's kissing scenes
Posted 2/10/08
like youve seen them all

I cant recommend
anything to you.


what's your fav drama?

coffee prince has the best kissing scenese
well basically if yoon eun hye is in it
then there will be good kiss scenes.
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Posted 2/10/08
Bull fighting
Tatta Hitotsu No Koi
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Posted 2/10/08
Hm... kissing scenes... I think Devil beside you is almost as exciting as it gets, although I don't really like the drama. Among the kisses my personal favourite (lately) is in Love Contract in the Club... Mike He is just so sensual.

Coffee Prince and ISWAK 1+2 are also really good, I'd agree. But I haven't seen all on your list yet, so maybe I'm missing out on the best to come. ^^
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Posted 2/10/08
yeah coffee prince is the best ...the man in vineyard is also good..maybe eun hye is the cast ..the kissing scene is really hot...
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Posted 2/10/08
hm.... i havent really watched any.. that has good kissing scene...
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Posted 2/10/08
hmmm.... i've heard that there are good kissing scene in coffee prince, goong, iswak, devil beside you and why why love
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Posted 2/10/08
Well I'm currently watching "Brown Sugar Macchiato." It's a really cute drama,but not many kissing scenes in it. There has been one so far.
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Posted 2/10/08
I'm not sure if there's a kissing scene, but I'm surprised it's not on the list - I think the title is "Train Man" or Subway Man - lol - it's a j-drama ...Densha Otoko is the japanese title.

Liar Game has a tiny bit of romance, but it's more about playing mind games with people by manipulating them with money - does that make sense? Well, you have one of the F4 guys and the girl from the hospital from HYD2 in this series.

Tatta Hitotsu No Koi has a great cast and story - Ayase Haruka and that guy from Johnny's Entertainment. It starts a little slow, but then it gets really good.

Nodame Cantabile Live Action! (I watched this before the's better this way, I think) It's soo funny and cute, and sometimes weird, and other times kinda annoying with a classical twist, lol - doesn't make sense? Then just watch it - it's good!

The Vineyard Man is Really good k-drama. I've watched it two times and it doesn't get boring because it's like a cute "love-hate" relationship in the beginning, hehe. EunHye is really funny and refreshing.

Coffee Prince was good too - lots of "guy" eye-candy and the female leads were very pretty too. Kissing scenes were...interesting, but to me, it seemed too much like acting - because Gong Yoo is MUCH better at kissing especially when he did that movie with Kim Sun-ah, *fans myself* now THAT was a steamy kiss.

Check out some movies - they tend to have more intense/passionate kissing scenes - a lot of dramas tend to be more slowly paced and close-lipped pecks, lol.

ah! don't have I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU - that's a good k-drama too - it has Eugene and Lee Min Ki and stuff - nice drama.
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Posted 2/10/08
hmmmm...devil beside you and why why love have a good kissing scenes..
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Posted 2/10/08
it started with a kiss definitely most passionately kissess ive ever seen so far

and ofcourse sweet spy

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Posted 2/10/08
bull fighting is good.
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