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Woman live-streams Rape
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Posted 4/22/16 , edited 4/23/16

Orga777 wrote:

BlackRose0607 wrote:

While I don't condone what this young woman did, nor obviously what the man did in raping her friend, according to the article I read about this earlier today on Yahoo! News they had been drinking. The guy, Gates, had bought the two young women a bottle of vodka that they had been drinking before the rape happened. While I feel that the young woman Lonina should have done more to help her friend, she may not have been in the right state of mind to do so if she had been drinking. Either way, it's terrible what happened and terrible that she didn't do more to help her friend.

Link to the article. There's a picture of the guy too, and you can tell in his eyes that he's no good.

Drinking is not an excuse. It isn't an excuse for any other type of severe crime, either. If it isn't an excuse for drunk driving or murder, then it isn't for rape. Personal responsibility is still a thing, after all. Actually rationalizing this at all is kinda... gross, really. :/

I never said that it was an excuse for what happened. In fact, I even said it in my post, that I don't condone what the two of them did. All I was saying was that because the woman was probably drinking that she might not have been in the right state of mind to help her friend even if she wanted to. Alcohol alters your state of mind and that may have been what happened here. I'm not saying that she shouldn't get punished for what she did either, just that maybe if she had been sober she would have done more to stop it.
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Posted 4/23/16 , edited 4/23/16

Tinamarie101 wrote:

sometimes i feel like women cry rape for attention..

which makes no sense to me -.-
Well some of them don't have a good mind and in some ways we gotta "respect" that.
and for some /fun about it.
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