Audio Pitch: Hitler Hiroki [Anime]
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Posted 4/17/16 , edited 4/17/16
Premise: What if Adolf Hitler, resurrected by God, was sent to Japan to fit in and attend Japanese high school?

I talked about this before briefly, but now I've gone and written an outline and made a short, 3 and half minute audio "pitch" of the idea to see if anyone is interested.

You can read the transcript (in spoilers) but I advise you to actually listen to the audio of me pitching it first, since I spent more time on it (not a whole lot, but I think it's all right). I also plan on making a YouTube video to better illustrate what the hell I'm talking about.

I've already written the first 10 pages of the screenplay -- but, this was a while ago, and I am re-evaluating if it's something I should spend time on based on the response from a number of people, including this forum.

If you like what you hear, let me know. Criticize it too, but please actually give reasons for your hate... aside from it being an offensive subject matter. Before you jump on that, though, please note it is meant to be parody.

Anyway, this is my pitch for an anime movie or series called "Hitler Hiroki." Just gauging interest, not asking for anything else.

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Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/24/17
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