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Posted 4/18/16
Let me begin with some background information. I apologize if this is long and drawn out

I began watching "Twin Star Exorcists" last night. At first I believed that the main character, Rokuro, was some sort of demon or whatever (sharp teeth/red eyes combination) that happened to be an exorcist. So I thought "oh cool a demon exorcising demons, spirits, or what have you, neat." Well, as it turns out, he's a human with odd features. Yeah.

Anyway, that night I had a dream about a vampire guy who slays other vampires. He is hated by humans because he's a vampire, and hated by vampires because he slays them. I woke up from that dream and wondered if I made that up or if it's an anime or a manga that exists, but I don't remember what it is.

What I am asking is: if there is an anime or manga that resembles what I have just stated please tell me what it is. Even if my brain pulled that plot out of no where, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions similar to it. I would also appreciate any suggestions for anime or manga that sort of have a "we're humans and we don't like you [insert non-human species/super powered human here] so we're gonna kill you, have super strict laws, or totally be racist(?) towards you. Oh yeah, and that [insert non-human species/super powered human here] that helps us humans out? Yeah, we're still gonna treat him like shit." vibe to it.

I know for certain it is not:
Seraph of the End
Blue Exorcist
Tokyo Ghoul
Vampire Hunter D
Devil May Cry
(I know these anime don't exactly fit what I want but I know someone will suggest these)

P.S if you google "anime similar to [what I have stated above]" I've watched or read all of those.
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Posted 4/18/16
Closest I can think of for a character caught in the middle like that is Claymore (Funi/Hulu), but the main there is a female, and she's more like a demon struggling to stay human while hunting/killing others like her who have lost control.
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Posted 4/18/16
there's Vampire Princess Miyu. she's a vampire, but she has the task to banish the evil (shape-shifters and other vampires)
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Posted 4/18/16 , edited 4/18/16
Only stuff I can think of are older shows that you might not have seen:

Vampire Hunter D (movie) was one. He's a hybrid... not exactly just a vampire.

The other was Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei, but I believe he hunts demons and not vampires.

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Posted 4/18/16
You should try Trinity Blood.
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Posted 4/18/16
I can think of two stories that resemble what you described, but they´re not exactly what you seek.

The first is the Blood franchise, more precisely, Blood +. The difference is that Saya, the protagonist, is a girl but she´s the queen of her species along with her sister. Saya travels Japan to kill her sister while constantly slaying vampires in her journey. It´s not the exact story that you wrote but is the closest I can think of.

The other is Berserk, but Guts is not a vampire, he´s a normal human, but he has an inner beast and he lives between the boundary of hell and the human realm. Guts is hated by humans because he brings tragedy and disgrace wherever he goes and demons are also constantly trying to kill him because he was supposed to be a sacrifice but survived.
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