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What are your thoughts on stealth motor cycle gear?
Posted 4/20/16 , edited 4/20/16
Men's leather jacket don't come in colors like women's.
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kinga750 wrote:

I think pedestrians can wear what they want. If drivers are paying attention and following the rules, nobody should get hit just because they are dressed in black. That being said I am primarily a pedestrian myself, and I know that when I walk at night my safety is my responsibility. Would I sue the crap out of someone that ran me over? Absolutely. But in my heart I would know it's probably my fault :)

Intentionally making yourself hard to see on a motorcycle is just a terrible idea though. The stakes are so much higher, and the risk is so much greater. Riding at night is already relatively dangerous, even when you take proper precautions.

No, I was saying it wouldn't be your fault if you weren't seen.
But you'd probably be dead if it happened so it's best to put an unobligated effort into being seen.
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OP nuked. Locked.
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