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Posted 4/20/16
Personally, I sort of ship them. This is why;
Evergreen and Elfman

Elfman and Evergreen

Their relationship has a rocky start, as it began when Elfman was looking for a partner for the S-Class trial (since Lisanna chose to be with Juvia), and Evergreen being pissed off because Freed chose Bickslow instead of her. In the S-Class trial, they ran into Mirajane, whom they narrowly escaped from after Evergreen shocks her with the statement that they were going to get married.

Their interactions are somewhat hilarious, as Evergreen is always shown hitting or scolding Elfman, mostly because of his 'Manly' comments or outbursts. Most of the Fairy Tail Mages seem to tease their relationship, mostly Freed and Bickslow. Also, Elfman calls Evergreen by her nickname, Ever, which is only used by Freed and Bickslow, her team members, as well as Laxus.

During the Grand Magic Games, when Elfman was injured, Evergreen was seen sleeping near his bed. At first, he was flustered, but as he calmed down, he seemed pleased and said that she was a 'Woman', which was considered a large step in their relationship (since for Elfman, the world seems to consist of his sisters, and the rest are just men, including all the other females).
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