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Posted 4/21/16
I do not need proof. all I need is a sheet of aluminium foil - some nut

vidya game conspiracies y'all! I thought I'd take the time to help people find a place for their don't need proof, just some story/creepypasta/rumour confirmed or not from the interwebs or your own brand of crazy

to start of mine is about "the game that killed gaming" - E.T the video game! apparently it isn't the demon everyone makes it - just another game in a library of atari flops - pacman before it didn't do to well. rumour is, atari didn't want to sink it's money on new hardware carts when they couldn't afford it - nope! they instead flashed the ROM onto unsold stock of games such as tetris and pacman. If you have an old copy of E.T, you man have traces of an entirely different game on there!

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