is manga a independent publisher or a corporate one?
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is the comic, of japan. starting in the 60's.
and begun a new wave, of artistry, n entertainment.
from generation to generation, the ones that make 'em
are call now mangakas. that most 90's percent are turn
into anime. but like american comics, that most publisher
belong to DC or Marvel. are manga the same?
to they belong to a company, or is it independent work?

so like always,
thank for been awesome.
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Posted 4/22/16 , edited 4/23/16
The manga industry is most certainly made up of major companies, such as Shueisha, Kadokawa, etc. That said, there are independent mangaka, whose creations are known as doujinshi, but they've largely garnered a reputation for pornographic works, despite being quite diverse in reality. Anime adaptations are vastly more likely to be linked to major manga companies than doujinshi.
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The manga publishing industry just seems a lot more diverse than the American comic/graphic novel scene. In the US, you have DC and Marvel... and then everyone else is so tiny in comparison they get called "independent".

The Japanese manga market is much larger: perhaps more like the American book or music publishing industry:
-- There are a few major players (like Kadokawa) that churn out the biggest hits, and are responsible for the most anime adaptations.
-- There are a number of smaller presses--but most of those are still much larger and more corporate than you would normally label "independent".
-- And then there is the doujinshi market, which is an extremely active self-publishing scene. Most doujinshi are done by "amateurs" (by which I mean the person has a day job to pay the bills, not that the person isn't skilled), although the best sellers among those "self-published" works are profitable enough that there are some people who sell those for a living.
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