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Posted 4/25/16
If there's one thing i've noticed is the absence of lolita fashion cosplayers/aficionados where i live; whether it be (mainly im sure) because of the weather clashing with the wardrobe this genre demands, people refusing to see it as the name of a street fashion in Japan aside from being the definition we all cringe from (sort of), or the plain lack of committment . I live in South Florida and and am planning on making a lolita fashion video, a skit of some sorts, but none of my friends are interested in that branch of fashion/cosplay. Was wondering if anyone [who lives in South Florida] that is into dressing up lolita (or brolita, yes its a thing too) to maybe consider helping me out. remember: Im not trying to stress anyone out with traveling ruthlessness but if you're near by and are willing to help please inbox me for clarification and specifics...

(as i've said in all forum topics: please no trolls, or creeps )
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