Posted 4/26/16
The world falls into chaos and careless carnage, the battle between the believers and atheists hand commenced. They each call upon the gods they believe in, waging crusades in their names. Long years of bloodshed and violence, the bitter and disappointed end meets the stalemate; the newer generations decide to forget this grim history, burning them to ashes to start anew. They stumble forward without a guidance from the old, risking of making the same dreadful mistakes again.

How impertinent.

16798. You were born under its oppressive banner, the clock ticking away as it counts the day until you've reached the coming of age. The path carved out for you begins. Everything is set but the actors. They were waiting, waiting for you to be ready impatiently.

Finally, the play is about to begin. They grin.

Will you divulge further into the forgotten history? Or will you accept your determined path and move forward in blissful ignorance?

'They will await for your pivoting mistake. Take heed, young one, and do not look them in the eye.'
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