In planning phases "Angel by the River Part One"
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Posted 4/26/16 , edited 4/27/16
This is a Manga and lord willing a movie in the future.
So its not finished and very in planning phases.
I was inspired to make this story for many reasons and one of them that I can explain was a Gameboy game "Legend of the River King", a game I played when I was young and I didn't understand it and recently on the 3DS eShop I rebought it again (or as a kid it was bought for me) and it reminds me of a feeling of being a kid in hot and humid air of Florida where water life, swamps and, lakes, and rivers were normal.

I love to tell kinda "Old fashioned stories" with newer elements, is it better or worse, not up to me, I enjoy it though.

So far this is the over view of the main plot a side from others stories and characters.

"There was a man, a loyal warrior to an empire, and served the Emperor well.
He had a sister who fell ill one day and he took leave to go and see her, and seeing her on her sick bed, the man sought to cure his sister.
The man was also a fishermen, who frequently sat by and fished, to think and to ponder.
One day he heard from the local men that there was a fairy like woman by the secret river cave, and seeing this as a lead to his goals, he sought this woman fairy.
At night, as the glow of the full moon was spread abroad over the whole sky, the man found this mysterious woman fairy but behold, this woman fairy is a male angel, an angel who says to him "I have been waiting for you".
They spoke to each other and the angel shows him how to cure his sister, and the man was glad and wanted to hurry to set off.
But before he could, the angel says to him "Find me again when you have risen against your Emperor" and he was confused by these words for he was a loyal warrior."

This is for now a vague idea of the first part of the "Part One" of Angel by the River"
I want this Part one to end with the Man finding the Angel again because he does rebel against the Emperor for a very good reason.

Not only that but theres a few character concepts like a "Mecha Mafia" with a "Fire Body Mecha Man" as the Boss also having a younger brother who's kinda the same but better than his older brother at what he does.
This is a sketch of some of the "Idea processing", again this is very early in creation.

Posted 4/28/16 , edited 4/28/16
Sounds interesting keep adding from there are there more characters in this story sounds like
your on the right track.
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Posted 4/28/16 , edited 4/29/16
Im quite curious as to what kind of setting and atmosphere this story will have. It sounds like a good start, also kinda goofy. Correct me if im wrong.
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