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Post Reply how much anime have you watched and whats your favourite??
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20 / M / Australia
Posted 4/28/16
So if your on the forums we all know you love Anime but its cool to know how many you have watched or are still in progress???

Now this will be good for Anime new comers or for otakus looking for some more good Anime, but post your favorite Anime as well so we can all enjoy the anime favorites of everyone else!!! or just recommend some to your fellow Anime lovers!!

My current favorite Anime is "The Seven Deadly Sins" and it still excites me on its 3rd play through but im looking for some new Anime to enJoy, I've also watched about 160 or so Anime so Im a bit of a pleb lol so help Everyone out aye!!!

Also im not sure if there is already one so let me Know if there are. Peace.
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21 / Australia
Posted 4/28/16
Two hundred plus.

To name a favourite would be hard but Magi always makes my top ten list. Chihayafuru, Deadman Wonderland, Clannad, Ace of the diamond, Gangsta and Soul Eater are all epic anime.
Posted 4/28/16 , edited 4/28/16
100+ anime enthusiast

My favourite is One Piece!

Some others I like:
-Death Note
-Dragon Ball Z
-High School of the Dead
-Hatchin and Michiko
-Kids on the Slope
Posted 4/28/16
50+, a more accurate number would be 80 or so, but I never keep track.

I don't have a Favorite so I'll just list a few

Monogarari series
Setokai Yaukundomo
Hunter x Hunter
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37 / F / Portland, Oregon
Posted 4/28/16
50+, but only recently did I discover MAL and start actually tracking my shows.

A few of my many favorites:

Spirited Away
Ninja Scroll
Death Parade
Deadman Wonderland
Fairy Tail
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M / Canada
Posted 4/28/16
Still below 50.

My favorites up to now are:
Elfen Lied
Deadman Wonderland
Hellsing Ultimate
Welcome to the NHK
Madoka Magica
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