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Posted 4/29/16 , edited 4/30/16
I've had mostly good experiences with CR in the past few years but the major letdown has been the difficulty in getting support. I've contacted a few times over varied issues but I've only ever had bad experiences.

-I submitted a ticket relating to pages not loading in the iOS manga and was told I would have to provide full details on my billing in order for them to locate my account. I was very wary of giving out more info than I felt was relevant so I gave as much as I was comfortable with and asked if it was really necessary to provide the whole lot and never heard back.

-Years back, I contacted in regard to an issue where a video wouldn't load for me and was told (after providing speedtest details) that my internet connection just wasn't good enough to watch in 480p. Never mind that I'd not had a single problem doing just that for months beforehand. (It was a video player issue; I fixed it myself eventually).

-More recently, I was left without many of my favourite shows for months because my location was incorrectly identified. The first ticket I submitted got a response 24hrs later telling me to try two things I had clearly stated I had already tried. That really irritated me. I pointed this out but it was another 24hrs before I got another list of things to try (which sadly didn't work). After this, I was told there was nothing else that could be done but to wait. I waited for a month.
The second ticket, a month later was "escalated" immediately and I never heard back. I pursued it after a week and never heard back. The only help I could get was from Miles via Twitter and he could ultimately do nothing about it, despite promising to "ping support" repeatedly.
Fed up, I submitted a request to refund my membership. In fairness, I heard back in record time on this one and the membership was immediately cancelled and refunded soon after. It's just a shame that I only got that speedy service when I basically demanded my money back.

It's gotten to a stage where I'll just wait out issues with the manga app (so many broken pages, loading issues), sometimes for weeks, because I don't want to go through the hassle of contacting support for nothing.
I am always polite when contacting support and I'm pretty handy with technology so I'll always try and resolve it myself first and give as much technical info as I can so what gives? Why can't I get an answer half the time? It's not like I'm being rude or unreasonable, as I suspect many of the tickets submitted can be (I work in retail, I know how awful customers can be, especially when something goes wrong).

Posting this here in hopes that someone will read it and take it on board, raise it as an issue, improve the situation. You wanted feedback (I've received THOSE emails alright, every time, without fail), here it is.

EDIT: A day later, I have another ticket open for a separate issue and again, despite being very clear in my report, I was told nearly a day later to try something I had already reported as not working for me . Pretty clear that at least in some cases, support don't read the information given. Just not good enough.
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