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Posted 7/2/16

*He took the letter gently, looking at it but not opening it. Be gave it back to her.*

I'm sorry, but we are on high alert here. That letter is not for my eyes. Please, understand why I questioned you. You need not worry about us civilised Orc's. I know the human's say we go around raping and pillaging them every chance we get. It is not the Orc's under the rule of the Strongholds that are responsible for this. It is the group calling themselves the exiles that have been attacking human settlements here in the west. I'm here, along with my friend, to meet with my brother in order to deal with them. We wouldn't care if they were just attacking army's. But to kill the human childern and use the human women. We can not allow this to continue. Come, let's head into the cave.

*Some of the beach water entered the vast cave. Inside, the cave was even bigger. The so called stronghold, seemed like an underground city. A city of Orc's hiding in plane sight. The Orc guards didn't even ask Turiel who were his guest. This was a clear sign of the respect and authority he held with his kind.*

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