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Posted 4/29/16

sicry academy
    The most prestigious school in the continent. It was founded by the king's close friend Cecilia Sicry right after the unification of the continent.

    The school is known for nurturing geniuses in various fields, as well as providing education to many individuals with various backgrounds which is uncommon everywhere else. And as always the school can easily be found at the north of the city of asra.
  • school gates
  • auditorium
  • cafeteria
  • training grounds
  • garden
  • coed dorms
  • head master's office
  • infirmary
  • more tba.
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Posted 6/12/16 , edited 6/13/16

(House Eterna Faculty)

(Professor's Hall)

Prince Varius knocked the door on one of his favorite teacher, Sar-Atanavir. the prince heard the voice,"Come in..", so when Varius opens the door with joyful smile, "Hello professor...", Sar-Atanavir was a great wizard and sorcerer..he is also the Head of the House Eterna; a faculty of Mana field in which studies the art of Primal Magic and Dark Magic..he looks like this..

"My boy, it's been so long i haven't met're grown up!.." the professor taps his favorite student's shoulder, Varius blushes in red, "Yes, prof, it's been a while..i bought you gifts.." the prince hand his teacher a souvenirs from the north. His teacher humbly accepts the gift and smiles.."You're still not change, my boy..always giving people gifts..very generous of you.." the prince looks around his teacher's chamber for a minute; there's many books and scrolls attached upon the cupboards, magic crystals and stuffs. The teacher stares at his former student for a moment and said, "Please sit down, Varius..what can i help you?.." the prince nods and sits on one of the chairs, and then looking at his teacher, "'Just come by to wander off the's bring me memories here.."The teacher laughs joyfully, "What? that's it?, it's been 12 years you have graduated in this Academy, and then you became the most powerful Lord of the Northern Province at such a young you wanders in here just to relive old memories?..". The northern prince fidgeted and blushes red as a tomato.."Well, it's not that..many good memories i had here when i studied here with my colleagues..this place is a serenity for me..not that of the Winter's North.." Varius said with a little sadness. The teacher smile in sympathy, "I know my are the most brightest students among my class, you even dared to learned the art of Taboo Mana from me, especially the House's Forbidden Art, Necromancy...i still remembers you begging for your life to study that art.." The prince only nods and looks at the floor smiling, remembering his old past..
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Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/13/16

(15 years ago.....)

(House Eterna's Laboratory)

"Please prof, pleeaassseee......" the young teenage Varius pleaded his classroom teacher, Sar-Atanavir , "No,no, and and a thousand times no!.." the teacher is searching something from the bookshelves.. "But why prof?, i'm really wanna learn!.." Varius pleaded again with puppy dog eyes. "Necromancy is the highest form of Forbidden Art, it's a Taboo Mana, and it's against our laws..and you know it!.." he explains with serious tone. "I know prof, but i'm really need to learn this, i have my own reasons!.." The teacher looks down at his favorite student, "And what is the reason would you might tell me hmm?.." Sar-Atanavir curiously wants to know.."I -urm....i..was...i..." Varius stammered of what words he wants to come out with, but none. The young teenager finally looks down at the floor in defeat, fidgeting himself. The teacher sighs, "Varius, bringing back the dead is not a joyful cannot bring happiness, one who use Necromancy must learn the path of pain, suffering, agony...and even hollow, would you want that?.."
There was a silent in the air for a moment until Varius, with his head still down whispers in dark tone.."I will do it....if i can get my revenge..." Sar-Atanavir is shocked of his student's reply, "Varius....." Then he cannot expect what was coming next, he was surprised when young Varius lift up his head with tears fall from his eyes..he's crying..Varius desperately said within tears.."I will do it...please, i just want revenge...". The teacher finally takes his breath as he sighs, Sar-Atanavir looks down at his student with caring, sympathizing smile and embrace the young boy in tight hug.."Oh, my boy....vengeance cannot solve only bring's endless despair upon yourself.." Varius mumbles within hugs, "I can be perservere.."the teacher frowns as he let go of the young boy.."It's not perseverance, it's your stubbornness.." the teenage Varius looks down at the floor again..Sar-Atanavir stares at his student again as he pause, "Let me show you another path of Necromancy...but it will cost your faith...come with me.." he then let the teenage student to follow him...
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