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m e m b e r   r e g i s t r a t i o n
◾ The first step in your journey, register. In order to register please input an introduction below in any way, shape, manner that you like.
  • Include information such as nicknames, and maybe some hobbies, interests, or facts about yourself.
  • I'd also like to have you put in any of your roleplaying preferences, and info such as favorite genres, general posting length if you have one. As well as activity level.
  • Lastly put the color you want the font of your membership card to be. A pic/gif is optional.
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simple membership cards
    ◾ no pic.
    ◾ with pic/gif
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Well I guess I'll go first, since it's basically a rp group I'll use a character sheet to introduce myself.


      [Dimensional Pocket] - I can magically pull lots of crap out of thin air.
      [Rolling][Some gfx] [Some bbcode] [Jack of All Trades Master of None] [Being Psychic] [Stalking][Being Shameless] [Eating Popcorn] [Chewing Gum] [Fujoshiness][Love For Strange Animals]
      [MAX Potatoness]
      I am what I am. A potato. I like rolling on the bed, snacking on chips while lying on the couch, and pretending to be a sausage who has lost the will to live. Guess this explains a lot. ​
      I'm from Texas. Probably the most bipolar state, but hey, yup got no come backs. It was like 80 degrees but it suddenly started hailing a couple of days ago orz. Um I like the usual things, roleplaying (obviously), anime, k pop, animal videos, and all that shet. oh, and yaoi
      - I think it has actually been 3 years since I began roleplaying, I remember starting sometime in May so-
      - I typically like all genres of role play, my favorite are probably dark/modern fantasies.
      - Generally, I don't like one liners :L. My minimum's mostly 3 sentences, and can go to 5 paragraphs if I'm not my potato self.
      - Depending on my posting length the time varies.
      - For now I guess I'm kind of active and available for rp.
    color; indigo/teal
    ugh can't pick a picture
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My name is Al.
Yaoi is my gig.
I like to Uke more.
Shotas are life.
Traps are my oxygen.

I like the color grey and uh... yep. Use grey, Ayu.

So no shotas on the card? -ayu
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19 / F
Posted 5/1/16 , edited 5/2/16

My cutest nickname is CHERUB
I live for America's Next Top Model and Anything RUNWAY
I take ADVANCED Fashion Design classes and you didn't ask but i'm going to start modelling soon because i'd rather wear the designs, not create them sewing machines piss me off
I don't do sports because I think sweating is gross but can we take a minute to thank the stars for HIGH METABOLISM 'cause honestly... It would be a struggle, as much fried rice as I eat monthly

pink is my favorite color

I've been roleplaying since about 2009. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a slow RP. The more bored i am, the longer it will take me to reply.
The reason i'm so into roleplaying, is because it allows me to create this amazing person with a story and bring them to life with a purpose. It's so fun. I love it
My favorite types of roleplay's are fantasy, sci-fi, and modern.

Posted 5/2/16 , edited 5/2/16

Cal | Lvl. 18 | Feels
Yaoi is love, Yaoi is life. Fictional husband whore. Let me live in a video game plox. I'm a mess, please be aware of this.
Red & Black are my fave colors & this picture would be great.
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21 / M / Rift Bar, chillin...
Posted 5/10/16

Transmitting from up above the clouds where the party never cease...

Hey all~ This is the ever loving thunderlord! You can call me John, Nicholas, or Nick, whatever you prefer. A future journalist (Lol, 2nd year Journ. Major) and avid fanfiction junkie. I've been roleplaying for at least 7 years now---give or take a year or two---and I generally prefer settings or themes that touch more on the occult and fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk/modern (man I remember this one rp where it had a Van Helsing feel to it and it was set on the modern era, loved this one to bits---but sadly the rp closed down.); sometimes I enjoy a slice-of-life or a romantic theme if the time permits (can't be lovey-dovey rps much since dearest would skin me with jealousy). Postings would vary based on the response given, so I'm more of a reactive player unless being active is called for in an rp situation. Length too would vary but expect medium length (200-500 words) most of the time.

I always loved the color PURPLE. I have so many clothes that has at least a shade of purple on it.

Well, that's it folks! This is your resident thunderlord, signing off...

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Posted 5/13/16 , edited 5/13/16

○about me:

Hello, I'm Alpha. I get along really well with everyone, basically. However, I tend to get overwhelmed and drained by people so there are times I have to paused and take a step back from social environments, so I find myself here. Animals are my go-to friends since I actually have a niche for them. I absolutely love all type of music, as long as I love the lyrics or the beat. I doodle a lot, I love writing and drawing, I'm quite a swimmer and sometimes jog when I feel like it. I believe I'm tall, but I'm shorter than people think.

My activity level varies on my day, depending if I'm busy or not, so I can't really say. I don't like one-liners and prefer at least a paragraph with some details, or something that will be able to spark my creativity. I will put in the same amount of effort that is given me. I can write up to at least 5 paragraphs if you want me to. Depending on my partner and roleplay, I can easily write as much as needed. I love all types of genre, however, if it's a genre I'm not familiar with, I tend to research on the topic before getting involved because it helps me as a roleplayer.

I love the color purple so, I wouldn't mind if the color for my membership card was purple. Thank you, Yaya! Everything here is looking good and coming along nicely! I'll paste a picture here of what I'd like on the card, if that's possible!


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