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Posted 4/30/16
We will start off at 500.

Basically the good guy's objective is to bring that number down to 0 and the villain's objective is to bring that number up to 1000.

For example:
Good person 1 says 499, but then bad person 2 comes along again and says 500. And the on and on. It'll be a constant struggle, but it's possible to meet either end of the spectrum. *cough* strategize


1. Count up or down by one.
2. No double posts. So don't be that guy that posts 399 and then comes on 5 seconds later after he posts and then says 398. No easy shortcuts like that!
3. You can only pick which side to be on once. Once you decide to be good you can only count down. Once you decide to be evil you can only count up.


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