Write a story with this as the first line:
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Posted 4/30/16
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

So, write a story with this as the first line: I sent another letter to Violet Finneran's son.

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Posted 5/14/16
I sent another letter to Violet Finnerans son.....
I'm hoping hes doing okay, he was always the person with dedication to his work. Roke Fitzgerald has never learned how to rest even when its a day off from work. I should go visit him to see if he's still not overworking himself to death. He lives so close yet, he seems so far away when hes only working on hiimself all the time. I would see him pass by in the morning, hoping for hiim to say at least a hello but to no avail he only goes out to get a quick bite to eat. The reason I know this is because his trash can is just full of fast foood wrappers overstacked near my trash cans. Poor guy, Im hoping that he's not depressed. End Scene.

I dont know where I was going with this but this was on my mind

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Posted 5/15/16 , edited 5/15/16
For full dramatic effect, open another tab and listen to the first song played here https://youtu.be/7jTyvm27EsE

I sent another letter to Violet Finneran's son.......

Admittedly She Had seen me about her sons issues after she took notice to my letters. The First couple of letters changed his attitude, she said to me. I'll never forget that moment when she took me aside. As The man is taken back to that very moment in his mind.

"I never thought he would be coming to me with a smile on his face. You know I never thought that a few words could make someone so happy. I guess I need to work on being a better Mother" She begins to faintly smile

" Nonsense, he's just dependent on someone right now. Luckily for me I took notice before things got out of hand"

" You know I never did tell you why he became so depressed"

" No actually, I guess seeing him like that was enough for me to want to help him. I hope I'm not invading here"

" Not at all, you've helped enough already, the least I can do is tell you" She continues

" My husband always use to cheer him up by reading his stories, and it seemed to make him so happy whenever he gave some feedback on them, but ever since my husband lost his Job, all he has done is search for endless hours trying to find a suitable job. Doing side jobs just to provide for us; only to receive a check in the mail. He never once came home to give us the money himself . I guess he felt worthless ( She starts to choke up ) b..but I know in his heart he only wanted to protect us. It's been months since the last time I seen him" Tears start to fall as she starts to hide her face.

The man quickly gets up to get her some tissue " It's ok, here"

" Thank you so m..much" As she wipes her tears and blows her noes.

" But ( As she takes a deep breath ) but when we got your first letter I thought it was from him. So I gave him the letter telling him that it was from his father. His face when I told him that, He was soo excited that he took it and ran up to his room. I never seen him so excited so I was hopeful. After reading it he came back downstairs; he walks up to me with a smile on his face, and he just gives me the tightest hug he could possibly give. You want to know what he said to me?"

"What did he say?"

"He said Mom, I'm going to write a story for Dad, and I want to send it to him"

"So those Chapters he sent me were for him?"

"Yes, and those kind words you sent him really motivated him. I see him going outside with a bright smile, when he comes down for dinner it's like hes in another world just smiling away. I can't thank you enough for what you've done"

" It seems like all I did was take his fathers place"

" but you read his stories and you enjoy them, and that's all he ever wanted from someone. They were your words that you wrote were they not?"

"Of course"

" and I'm sure others would do the same for him if they ever read his stories"

" Mrs Finneran"

" Yes?"

" What is your husbands name?"

" Harold, why do you ask?"

" I'm going to keep a promise to your son"

The man hands Violet another letter that he pulls from his pocket.

" it would be a shame to see talent wasted like this, he is still young, and the situation you're currently in won't be helping him. I want to do this for your son Mrs Finneran. Your gratitude will have to wait" The man leaves abruptly.

"But.... well, alright then"

Violet begins to open the letter..............

After that moment I never looked back. I had a promise to keep. On that day I began to search for a man named Harold Finneran. I never did accomplish much with my life, but I'll be damned if I have to watch another person with such talent go to waste from a state he never should have dealt with. A son without his fathers guidance, I have become that motivation he needs.

As violet begins to unfold the letter

What a fantastic Chapter! You're really starting to make this story interesting. I want to read more, and better yet; I want to show this to others. Keep yourself motivated and write your heart out, don't give up and finish it!

Violet covers her mouth with one of her hands and begins to slowly tear up. Slowly lowering the letter onto her lap she breaks into tears.

I never did wonder about what it would feel like to accomplish something, but after seeing that mother break down in front of me I knew that this is what her son wanted. So every time I received a Chapter I would piece them together, and as I searched I left behind a story in my tracks. Feeling hopeful I continued to search, until one day he can see it for his own eyes. What talent your son has, all he needed was your guidance. I know now what you are going through, but it isn't fair for a kid to bare that burden on his own. So I motivate even myself, not knowing why I am keeping this promise, I guess that life sure is a funny thing. It only takes the words of another to reignite that flame that should have never been extinguished.............

Dammit I'm makin myself tear up

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