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What has happened that has been a massive change for you in the last 6 months?
Posted 5/1/16 , edited 5/2/16
ended an awful relationship, got a new (wonderful) therapist, started finally getting resources for autistic people such as myself so school will be all worked out next year. (and i still have all my "autistic senses", today i went to a movie theater and saw a movie with lots of gunshot noises lmao... and deeply envied the people with normal hearing)
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Posted 5/2/16 , edited 5/2/16
6 months? oh man..

-lost my trailer
-sold my car
-ran off to TN for few days without telling anyone
-went back to TN stayed for almost half a month
-dealt with adoption
-met someone who became my world (my #1 best friend)
-dealt with some harsh hardships!

more to come.
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Posted 12/2/17 , edited 12/2/17
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