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Posted 5/1/16 , edited 5/17/16
Hello Crunchyroll,

You have the sort and filter options of :

Popular, Simulcasts, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Seasons

Can you add Complete to the choices?

I tend to look for shows that have 12/13/24 episodes listed then go to a well known Anime info site to check if they are "Complete".

It would be much better if the filter were there on your site.

Kind regards

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Posted 5/8/16 , edited 5/9/16
I agree, I actually posted to this topic in Site Support. Here's what I posted.
Hello CR Mods,
I think anime watched would be a great feature to add to the site. It should be relatively easy considering the way the queue has been designed.
If you guys are hiring freelancers, I wouldn't mind implementing this myself. (With an approved code review of course.)

Things that could be accomplished with current design pattern:
1. User can click "Move To Completed" after having completed the series
2. User can re-visit anime that have been completed by going into Queue -> Completed anime (tab)
3. If the anime ever reboots/continues by adding new episodes the anime can be automatically moved back to the user's queue and removed from the Completed Anime tab.

I would really love for something like this to be implemented and think that this would benefit the site greatly.

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Posted 5/17/16 , edited 5/17/16
I'd like to see this filter as well. I don't like waiting week to week to watch a series.
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