Mayoiga Name Rap- A way to memorize the names in Mayoiga
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Posted 5/3/16
I consulted Yottsun (Cause we all know his rapping skills are topped only by Macklemore) and together we made a rap to help you remember the names!

Here it goes!

Yeah, so uh,

Mitsumune is the MC,
Who Hayato keeps out of trouble.
Hyouketsu no Judgness is the chunni
with the ass shaped stubble.
Always angry cause his name sounds sorta like the juvi Jack's
Dozaemon , is the fat guy always munching on some snacks!

You got the shady tour guides Dahara and Koharun
MaiMai hates the MC(?) Nah, she's just tsun-tsun! (BAKA!)

Yottsun's the pimp that raps,
Valkana gets pissed then snaps,
Lion's the edgelord "I see dead people" BULL CRAP!

Narna always wears a beanie
Mikage's a stupid meanie
But don't worry, Nanko will protect the man weenies

Masaki is shady and puked on the Bus Driver
Love- pon likes to execute, put her in Kiznaiver

Jigoku no Gouka and Nyanta love their guns
Nettaiya looks like she's there for THAT kind of fun. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Manbe and Pittan, are the happy cheesy love birds
Soy Latte has a pretty smile and could be helpful-she's a nurse.

Puuko's looking for an Adam amidst social outcasts,
Yuune's pretty quiet, at parties she must be a blast.

Toriyasu wears a white hat
Yuuna's waist is kinda fat
Pink Goddess- Wait dude,what kind of name is that?

Yuuno in this anime rocks purple and pink too.
Tokimune's a giant penguin zombie- what to do!? =O

Wankoro is sickly and constantly wheezes
-Sigh- Someone please help these guys find Jesus!

That, is, a, rap!- that I did. Yeah, the challenge came to my head and I was like- a name rap for Mayoiga would be the most corniest ridiculous thing ever . . .Let's do it!

Did you like it? Hate it? Be honest plx <3

Thank you for reading, feel free to actually well rap this rap if you're good at rapping LOL
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Posted 5/3/16
That was hilarious yo!
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Posted 5/3/16
gimme a beat!
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Posted 1/1/18
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