Need some recs
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Ok ill keep it as simple as possible.

The last good rec I got was (not 100% on the title anymore) something like "My decisions are ruining my lif, school romantic comedy" I think that's the name. I thought it was really funny.

I can't really list all the animes I
've watched without filling up a few pages, ill just put some highlights.

-Log horizon

Near top
-SAO, Accel world, Ixiona saga dt, Hunter x hunter, World trigger, Fairy Tail, Is it wrong to pik up girls ina dungeon,
NGNL, tower of druaga, highschool of the dead, overlord, DB super,gate (probably more idk)

-Silver spoon, food wars, punchline, gurren lagan, monthly girls nozaki kun, Himoutou! umaru-chan (idk why I liked this, but I did), deltora, black bullet, TWOGK, kill la kill, anti magic academy, trinity seven, toradora, irregular at magic highscool, blade of the elementers, ect, ect ect so many more

I know people don't put too uch thought into recommendations, but I don't usually get into anything TOO serious, I prefer comedy, or stuff like Log horizon. Also good harem/ecchi aren't bad at all. Also, not into mech or sports animes.
Last note, hoping to keep all animes within this decade also.

Well hope to see some good ideads ty guys
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Posted 5/3/16 , edited 5/3/16
Comedy and Harem Comedy are two of my absolute favorite genres. Let's see what I can suggest for you...and I ALWAYS think about what the person is looking for before recommending ...

All here on Crunchy:

If Her Flag Breaks (Harem/Comedy)
Love Lab (Ecchi/Comedy)*
Seitokei Yakuindomo (Ecchi/Comedy)
Actually, I Am ... (Harem/Comedy)*
Working/Wagnaria (Comedy)
Dog and Scissors (Ecchi/Comedy)
R-15 (Ecchi/Comedy)
Servant x Service (Comedy)
Locodol (Comedy)*
Sabagebu (Comedy)*
Aoharu x Machinegun (Comedy)
Chitose Get You! (Ecchi/Comedy)
Mitsudomoe (Ecchi/Comedy)*
To Love Ru (series) (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
Chronicles of the Going Home Club (Comedy)
Chu-Bra (Ecchi/Comedy)
Comical Psychosomatic Medicine (Ecchi/Comedy)*
Recorder and Randsell (Ecchi/Comedy)
Denki-Gai (Ecchi/Comedy)
DNA^2 (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
Engaged to the Unidentified (Comedy)
Gugure! Kokkori-san (Ecchi/Comedy)
Kanokan (Ecchi/Comedy)
Kemeko DX (Ecchi/Comedy)
Military! (Comedy)*
Monster Musume (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)*
My Wife is the Student Council President (Ecchi/Comedy)*
Nisekoi (Harem/Comedy)*
Non Non Biyori (Comedy)*
Outbreak Company (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
Rail Wars (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
Recently My Sister is Unusual (Ecchi/Comedy)
Saekano (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
Seitokei no Ichizon (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)*
So I Can't Play H! (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
The Comic Artist and His Assistants (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy)
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Ecchi/Comedy)*
The Testament of Sister New Devil (Ecchi/Comedy)
Watamote (Comedy)
World Conquest Zvezda Plot (Ecchi/Comedy)*
Yamada-kun and the Sevem Witches (Harem/Comedy)
YuruYuri (Ecchi/Comedy)

Those would all fit into your comedy/ecchi/harem possibilities. My top suggestions for you have an * next to them.
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Posted 5/3/16 , edited 5/3/16
A few others that aren't on nuegenx's list:

Familiar of Zero: (Ecchi/Harem/Comedy/Trapped in Other World)
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Romantic Comedy/Harem/Ecchi)
The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (Ecchi/Trapped in Alternate Reality/Comedy)
Maoyu (Comedy/Drama)--source material written by same author as Log Horizon
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Posted 5/8/16 , edited 5/9/16
You said what you like, but not *why* you like it.

Comedy and "stuff like Log Horizon"... do you mean with a bit of intrigue, and complex mysteries?

If so, I second MAOYU, and Outbreak Company. You might also like Chaika the Coffin Princess.

And... it's not on Crunchy, but it's on Hulu and Netflix, a series called K - yes, just one letter. It happens to be my favorite thing at the moment, but it also has a good balance of comedy and action/plot, plus really good, likable characters. And enough fanservice to get you by, whatever you're into.

. . . another thing that isn't on Crunchy, and also isn't from the past 2 years, but it's a classic and you really should watch it - the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist series (not FMA: Brotherhood, just Fullmetal Alchemist). It should still be on Netflix and Hulu. It's really good~

(also, for the last two, they happen to have really good dubs. I don't know if you watch dubs ever, but those two (FMA and K) are some of the highest quality dubs, on par with Cowboy Bebop and things like that. Netflix/Hulu should have them both ways, so try both and pick whichever you like better).

Outbreak Company and K have the most comedy of those.
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Posted 5/8/16 , edited 5/9/16
Konosuba should fit the bill. It has a similar theme to several of the anime you mentioned but is firmly in the comedy camp.
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Posted 8/18/16 , edited 8/19/16
thanks guys anymore, I have cheked out almost everything on there now, some were really great
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